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  • 01Promotion is granted on the basis of student's whole year's performance.
  • 02Performance means student's regularity in aendance and efficiency in curricular and co-curricular acvies.
  • 03A minimum of 75% aendance, and work efficiency is essenal to appear in Annual Exams
  • 04Student remaining absent in any of the periodical tests will not be allowed to reappear in those tests.
  • 05Promotion to the next class will be granted on the basis of student's overall performance and also according to the latest norms of CBSE.


  • 01Students of classes 6 to 8 will now follow a uniform assessment scheme with a two-semester system that will include half yearly and annual examinations.
  • 02The assessment, examination and report card patterns for class 9 students will be similar to that of class 10 Board students.
  • 03Every semester, two 10-mark tests or periodic assessments will be conducted for classes 6 to 8. The half yearly written examination will carry 80 marks.
  • 04The NCERT syllabus needs to be followed by schools in the upper primary classes.
  • 05Students of classes 6 to 8 will need to study mathematics, science and social science, along with three languages and one other subject.
  • 06In classes 6 to 8, the annual exams will be based on the syllabus of the second half of the year, along with a certain percentage of the half yearly syllabus. For class 6, 10 per cent of the half yearly syllabus will be included in the annuals, while for classes 7 and 8, the percentage of half yearly syllabus to be included in the final examination is 20 per cent and 30 per cent respectively.
  • 07Grading will be carried out separately for scholastic (academic) and non-scholastic (co-curricular) activities.
  • 08Students of classes 6 to 8 will graded on a three-point scale in the non-scholastic activities of Work Education, Art Education, and Health and Physical Education. The factors on which they will be graded are regularity, participation, output and teamwork. Students will also receive marks for submission of notebooks.
  • 09Report cards issued by all CBSE schools will need to carry both the logos of the school and the CBSE.
  • 10The new report card design for students of classes 6 to 8, and for class 9 students can be checked in the official circular.